10 things I love about Reuben


I've got a bad case of the guilts. All I've been doing recently is giving off about Reuben. He has been extra difficult and I've literally been slagging him off to whoever asks. Nonetheless he is highly in demand. Everyone still loves him and admittedly im a little jealous. The first question people ask me is always “What’s Reuben doing today?” or “Whats up with Reuben?” and I'm thinking..he’s one, today he had a nap and ate 2 packets of cheese.

And I wouldn’t dare turn up to someone’s house without him. WHERES REUBEN? WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING HIM? WE ONLY INVITED YOU SO WE COULD SEE HIM.

But I can’t blame them, he’s pretty amazing. (I’ll take all credit thanks). He is currently lying in bed beside me looking so scrumptious that my heart could burst into pieces. Here’s 10 things that I love about Reuben. I'm writing this to look back on when he's driving me clinically insane....and to reassure you that I do actually love my son very much.

  1. He sleeps. When he was a newborn he didn’t sleep for approx 10 weeks but that’s all in the past and I know he didn’t mean it. These days he sleeps about 12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day. Sure, the rest of the time he’s bouncing off the walls but that 2 hour nap is everything to me.
    Newborn Reuben - fresh out of my belly
  2. He loves to kiss. I got home from work one day, picked him up and he planted a big open mouthed slobbery one right on my lips and grinned. I knew he was happy to see me. This was so out of the blue, I nearly cried on the spot. Now I have kisses on demand, anytime I ask. What more could I ask for?
  3. His crystal blue eyes.
    Need I say any more?
  4. He is very social. I could pass him to any one and he would never cry. It takes the pressure off me. He stares for a little while and you might feel uncomfortable…but once he susses you out then congratulations, you have a new best friend.
  5. His first real word was ‘doggy’. Not mama. Doggy. He loves animals. To him all animals are potential friends. I have a Dr. Dolittle on my hands.
  6. His laugh. Cliché I know, but it gets me every time. It comes right from the bottom of his belly and if you’re extra funny you might even hear a snort. 
  7. His sense of humour. He’s sassy, and mischievous and I love it.
  8. His empathy. He is a real humanitarian in the making. I know he’s only a one year old but he shows genuine concern for other people. Recently he saw a little girl crying and he pointed with this distraught look on his face and said ‘awwww’. Now for someone who calls his mother ‘doggy’, that was a big deal.
  9. He is crazy inquisitive. From a young age he has noticed things that I haven’t. We went for a walk yesterday and he spent 20 minutes examining weeds in the grass and frantically chattering to himself. I wish id known what he was saying. It would have made the 20 mins go a lot faster. 
  10. The way he cuddles into my back when we sleep.
    .......or on my face
  11. He always shows me love. Even after we have butted heads and he has been scolded, he always comes back to me with open arms. His love is unconditional. He doesn’t hold a grudge. I constantly worry if I have been too harsh on him, but he always reassures me by coming back. He has a big heart and I love him for it. 

I realise that was 11 things, but it's hard to choose. Keep an eye out for the 85 things that drive me crazy about Reuben.

How not to bath a toddler


After work last night I couldn’t cope with the thought of my own personal hygiene, never mind the great adventure of bathing Reuben. So I left it until this morning when I would be on my top mothering game. I successfully bathed him, dressed him, sang a rendition of ‘Row, row, row, your boat’, and it only took 53 minutes...53 flipping minutes. Then I leaned over to pull the plug out with Reuben in my arm.
Parenting skills – 1/10.
I just stood back looking at him and thought “Yep I’m done, I am so done with motherhood”.
Reuben will probably never get a bath again but here are a couple of pointers I have learned from bath time.

  1. Be prepared – it sounds obvious but so many times I’ve forgotten to take a nappy or a vest to the bathroom and when I return my bathroom looks like an aquarium with a big Reuben fish shamelessly flapping about in the water.
  2. Towels. Lots of Towels.
  3. Play with the little one – It seems like a good opportunity to run off and fold some clothes or check Facebook. One time I even took a novel to the bathroom thinking I could sit on the floor and read. How naïve. Bath time will be much smoother and faster if you join your child and play with the rubber ducks. Some people enjoy this. To be honest id rather the novel.
  4. Bathing in the sink is no longer an option
  5. Make it last as long as possible. Tire them out. Heck, leave them in there 5 days if it means you get a good night’s sleep.
  6. For the love of God drain the water as soon as you lift them out.