Tantrum Tribulations


Reuben just threw the biggest and baddest tantrum of all time.

He cried.

I cried.

I’m pretty sure the old lady on the bus cried too.


So, my car is really sick and as a result we spent a very long Saturday afternoon in town and I guess Reuben had reached his shopping limits. To be fair, he did watch me try on 7 and a half pairs of skinny jeans. The tantrum began in Mauds Parlour when I freed him from the pram. Biggest mistake of my life.
I just thought it would be really cute if we could eat some ice cream together while we waited for the bus…..I thought wrong.
The ice cream went on the floor (I later picked it up and ate it, don’t judge me, it cost £3), the spoon hit a man opposite us, his juice went across the table and he screamed blue murder in my face. Everyone was staring. One man set down his cutlery to give us evils. It continued at the bus depot where he threw himself on the ground and thrashed about like a fish out of water. He’s so strong willed….I mean he tried to crawl up the moving bus for goodness sake. One lady complained ‘Have you ever heard anything like it? You’d think people could control their own children’.


Here’s the thing, I CANT CONTROL A TANTRUM. Seriously. If I could, do you think I would be sitting on the ground with my screaming toddler making a mental note to buy wine. No! I’ve tried okay. Nothing breaks the spell. I’ve just learned to let the tantrum happen and pray that we both make it out alive. If I fight, then he will fight back harder. And he always wins.


Its hard. Its really hard. But it passes. And I think to myself ‘I can’t believe I was about to leave my son on the bus’.


Any words of wisdom concerning tantrums would be greatly appreciated. Or just a miracle. I'm not fussy.


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