Counsellors with cocktails
 As of today, my counselling course is officially finito and I have completed my last A level repeat. *cries tears of joy* After spending 2 years repeating A level exams here and there, I’m a little ecstatic right now. I’m still not sure why I decided to do a Counselling course on top of everything else but here I am, out the other end, 40 bottles of dry shampoo and a 11 packets of pro plus later. I no longer have to spend late nights after work in a swamp of counselling notes. Or spend Reuben’s precious nap times trying to grasp A level music, whilst longing for a cup of tea and some Philip Schofield. I’m still going to be working during the week but I finally have some free time.

Free time. To myself! Can you believe it?!

Celebrating summer with matching dungarees
I had looked into some courses I could do over the summer months but after much deliberation with my own mama, I have talked myself out of it. I need time to chill. I need time to just be a mother.

Of course, just because its summer doesn’t mean I have to ditch my to-do lists. Let’s not be drastic now. 

- Nap with Reuben. You know when you’re pregnant and you hear people say ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’. For the last 2 years for me it’s been ‘Study when the baby sleeps’. That smug little satisfied face Reuben makes when he wakes up in the afternoon, that’s going to be me. And it’s going to be glorious.

-Books books books. I used to finish a book in 2 days if I was in the zone. I need to get my reading groove back. I recently joined a book club at The Auction Room in Maghera and it is wonderful. It’s like being back in English Lit class, except I actually want to be there. First on my hit list is “The Improbability of Love” by Hannah Rothschild and “Hands Free Mama” by Rachel Macy Stafford.

-Scrapbooking. I swear I’m not 60 years old, but I find scrapbooking so satisfying. I’ve been trying to create a baby book of Reuben’s first year since he was born, and at this rate it’ll be finished just in time for him going to university. However, I have to give myself credit where it is due. I have kept up with printing photos and I now have approx 68937 photos under my bed in a box. The OCD side of me wants to know why I took 7 photos of every facial expression Reuben made as a baby, but I just cant answer that. Blame the hormones.

-The North Coast. If you know me you’ll know I spend a lot of my Summers in Portrush at my parents’ caravan. Although my 'Port' antics have somewhat changed a little now I am a parent myself (I say a little because you will still find me in Kellys making terrible decisions from time to time), I’m excited to rediscover everything through Reuben’s eyes. In June I have a week off work and we are going to spend the whole week exploring the North Coast by ourselves.

-Spend hours on end with the girls. Do you know what I really miss about my pre-reuben life? Staying up all night talking nonsense with my friends. Now I have to rush home to release the babysitter, or rush home because I need at least 7 hours sleep to be a fully functioning human the next day. Before I get back into studying, this Summer I’m going to arrange all night babysitters and im going to spend quality time with my friends. And I'm going to pretend I'm not a mum. Because lets be honest, I like to scrapbook. I’m not getting any younger. 

I have run myself ragged the last few months and I have some regrets and missed opportunities. Now I can enjoy the freedom and contentment that summertime brings. If we can’t find more breathing room in summer then when can we find it? What's everyone else's plans?

September comes back around very fast!

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