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On Tuesday I shared my blog on Facebook for the first time. And despite sweating in places I didn’t know I could sweat, I haven’t regretted it for a second. The encouragement and support I’ve received has been crazy and I love every single person who has read my posts. I want to kiss you all!! Just in case you think I died of shock and fell off the face of the earth – don’t worry, I'm still here. I’ve just been on a mini holiday at the caravan…WITH NO WIFI...which is kind of like falling off the face of the earth.

I don't watch much tv either here....

Cant say the same for Reuben.

Is it possible to feel stunningly refreshed but absolutely pooped at the same time? I think that’s what the North Coast does to ya! Or maybe that’s what consecutive late nights with Reuben does? Last night he was still roaming the beach at 11pm – ELEVEN PEE EMM! Silver lining – when we got back to the caravan he went straight to the fridge, handed me the milk, and looked at me with one eyebrow raised as if to say “Ma, are you gona stand there looking pretty or are you gona put me to bed?” I love when bed time isn’t World War 3.

You know when couples have been together a long time and they go on those retreats to see if they can stop wanting to kill each other, and fall in love again? I feel like Reuben and I took a retreat. We completely abandoned the normal routine and decided to see where the wind would take us. Literally. The wind and weather has been crazy.  Nonetheless, we’ve had lots of beach dates, swimming dates, coffee dates (sitting in Starbucks as I type), lunch dates, breakfast dates, dinner dates (we like food okay). We even had a napping date one afternoon where we slept for 5 hours. Here’s some of the highlights of our trip.

The Giant’s Causeway - I'm a bit of a touristy nerd. Its been years since I visited and I've been really excited. So I was on a mission:
I put Reuben in the Tula Carrier on my back, so there was no escaping. I paid £9 for the new 'visitor's experience' - which was basically £9 to walk through the gift shop......but then I couldn't afford anything from the gift shop because it cost £9 to walk through it in the first place!!!!!!! (I've been holding that little rant in, can you tell?) I got a free map and audio guide to listen to. And off I went.
I was like Dora the Explorer. Except Dora didn't have a baby in her backpack.
I would really recommend the audio guide - it was interesting to hear the history and old folk tales of the Causeway as you walk. It's also useful when you're feeling lonely because the kid on your back doesn't actually talk. However, I wouldn't recommend giving the kid on your back the map to play with. Somewhere along the way Reuben dropped the map, I got lost, and ended taking the difficult route. This was certainly not the original plan.

Picnics - Our 'picnics' were mostly eaten in the car but they still count.  

That kid seriously loves cheese

I took an actual feast and all he ate was cheese.

Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge - Hills. So many hills. I wish I could say its worth it when you get to the bridge. But I. Was. Terrified. All of a sudden I was very aware of the 2 stone person on my back and my tragic fear of heights. My legs were like jelly. And some guy was jumping up and down. Can I just point out that people who jump up and down on the bridge donot deserve to be on the bridge!! I also forgot that when you go over the bridge, you have to do it again to get back. But I'm proud, not so sure about Reubs though....he cried the whole way.

It rained...a lot

Bob & Berts - We had breakfast here 4 times. And I'm not even ashamed.

Toast with a fork - ever the gentleman

Swimming - Coleraine swimming pool has a great baby pool. Its massive. We spent 3 hours here one morning and Reuben was in his element. Of course we never go to the pool without creating a scene. Reuben got too excited, climbed out of the water and went for a run around the side. I couldn't catch up with him. By that I mean, he was 10 yards away and I was still struggling to climb out of the pool. He was making a beeline for the deep pool, his foot slipped and he skidded further away at a freakishly high speed. I swear in those 3 seconds his little life flashed before my eyes. Thankfully a lifeguard caught him. Mortified, I apologetically flung him under my arm and sheepishly retreated to the changing rooms. After this we went to the caravan and slept from 2pm-7pm, I think I deserved it.
EDIT: I've just been informed Coleraine swimming pool has cockroaches. Maybe that's why Reuben was running away.

Late night ice-cream and beach walks - those 2 things go hand in hand don't they? I love that little ice-cream beard Reuben gets when he's going to town on a cone. I love it even more when he's quiet for 20 minutes while he eats it.

So far, our 'retreat' has been a massive success. We've had a wonderfully chilled few days and I think I've fallen in love with Reuben all over again. - Come on, I've only wanted to throw him out of the caravan a couple of times. That's progress! I'm having to round this post off kind of quick as he has just woken up, and I have just noticed how loud starbucks is....perhaps not the best napping place for a toddler!

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