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I bet you clicked on ‘Sunday Style’ thinking this is where I’m going to talk about fashion. Nope! You would think after working in River Island and Next I would be dead trendy. The fact I just said ‘dead trendy’ says it all. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes. I mean I LOVE clothes. Every pay cheque I’ve gotten since I was 16 is hanging in my wardrobe. But I’m no fashionista.

These days my pay cheques are hanging in Reuben’s wardrobe, so this is where I’m going to share his little outfits. Or ‘OOTD’ as all the instagrammers say. In fact, I’m so passionate about Reuben’s outfits, I would make him an Instagram account just for him. But I can’t multitask two instagrams. That would be madness.

Today was probably a bad Sunday to start with as I’ve been hit with an extra dose of laziness, but this is his ‘Paddington Bear’ look. 

That fabulous coat is from Next. Tracksuit bottoms and wellies are from Dunnes Stores. Underneath this he is wearing pyjamas. That is perfectly acceptable when you are a one year old okay? (emphasis on my laziness)

Quick summary of our trip to the forest - 
I walked Reuben on his lead.
Reuben walked 100 yards. 
Kicked off his wellies. 
Ate his wellies.
Shouted at golfers.
It rained.
He climbed some tree stumps.
He refused to walk.
I nearly fell in a river. 

Happy Sunday!

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