So after 2 years of repeating A levels, working in River Island, working in Next, studying a counselling course… and having a baby, I AM FINALLY GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!

Yesterday I found out that I got into Queen’s University in Belfast and I sobbed. I sobbed my little heart out. I am quite possibly the happiest woman alive right now, you couldn’t pull me down from cloud 9 if you tried. Including GCSEs, this was my 5th results day. I’m a pro at this by now, but it doesn’t get any easier. This time 2 years ago when I finished school, my results day was very different. Some people might remember that I had planned on taking a gap year to volunteer in New Delhi. In upper 6th I went as part of a school team to India and I left part of my heart there – I was determined to go back. I spent all of upper 6th thinking, fundraising and preparing for this. I had put my all into it and as a result I didn’t care about A levels. My results were average, but I got into a university in England that I planned on going to after my gap year.

2 weeks later on the 1st September 2013 – I found out I was pregnant. Very pregnant. My flights to India were cancelled, my university place in England was declined, and I had no idea where my life was going.  The only thing I was sure of was the little life growing inside me that I needed to provide a future for.

So I got researching. I slowly realised I didn’t have the grades for any of the courses I would like to do in Northern Ireland. I kept working in River Island and there were many sleepless nights with 10000 tabs open on my laptop. They ranged from ‘career ideas for single mums’ to ‘why am I craving washing powder’. Reuben was born in December and I began to prepare for A level resits in May. That was totally not what I thought maternity leave would be like.

In August 2014 my results went up. In fact in my RE paper I achieved the highest score I had ever gotten in my whole school life. Maybe more people should have babies? JOKING.

Although the results went up, they still weren’t high enough to get me into the courses I would like to do at university. So I faced another year of repeating A levels…A level music to be precise. (don’t even get me started on that subject – biggest mistake of my life). Maternity leave was over and I got a new job in Next. And because I didn’t already have enough on my plate I decided to study a counselling course at the regional college. You’re probably thinking this girl is crazy. And you’re probably right. I applied to university to study Theology at Queens and RE teaching at Stranmillis. I got offers for Queens and an interview for Stranmillis – where I had my heart set on. I don’t mean to boast but I killed at that interview. Looking back, there’s nothing I would have changed about it – except the fact I got rejected. However, for many reasons I’ve slowly realised that Theology was meant to be. Queens was meant to be.

I spent the next 6 months talking about university and ending every conversation with ‘…..if I get in’. (and hating A level music as I said it). But guess what. YESTERDAY I GOT IN. I just love saying that!! I’ve been telling random people on the street that I’m going to Queens. A massive weight of uncertainty, worry, and doubt has been lifted off my shoulders. And don’t worry about Reuben, he got into Queen’s crèche. So he gets to do uni with me!!

So this post is for the people who didn’t get what they wanted yesterday. The people who were disappointed. I just want to tell you that there’s hope. So much hope. There’s a time for everything and although you might not understand it now, you’ll be so much more thankful when your time comes. There will be set backs, and if you’re like me you’ll lose a lot of hair and eat a lot of chocolate. But work your butt off and never give up – you’ll get there I promise. And you’ll appreciate it all the more when you do.