Do's and Don'ts of Summer 2015


Has anyone else realised that it is September?! It’s actually the 9th September! This is not okay. Summer is definitely over and I haven’t completed anything on my Summer to-do list. I take my lists very seriously, you know. I had great intentions of doing a whole lot of productive activities but instead, I did a whole lot of nothing. As upsetting as this is, I did have a great few months. Here’s my do’s and don’ts of Summer 2015.

1. DO - go to the Tall Ships Festival in Belfast.
This was one of my favourite Summer days. Granted, we didn't actually go on any ships...but the food market was pretty darn good. There were also lots of great kid's amusements where Reuben could run about/throw a tantrum. And plenty of room for me to run after him/throw a tantrum. Also while we were down that area near the Odyssey Arena we visited The Dock Cafe and oh my goodness, my heart can't handle the cuteness. They have an honesty box where you can pay what you feel you should. My favourite part is their prayer garden where anyone can go - bringing communities together. Unfortunately I didn't get to visit it. I was too busy stressing outside it and praying for strength to get through another Reuben tantrum. 

2. DONT - go to the zoo. Your child will never leave.

3. DO - celebrate special occasions with Frozen themed 'Champagne' juice. 

4. DON'T - get all your son's hair cut off. 
To be honest this is still a very raw issue with me. But pushing it to the back of my mind wont make it go away. I need to address the problem. I took Reuben for a 'trim'.....and they balded him. It's my fault - I should have spoke up. I was fighting tears when I looked at him. I'm that tragic mum who cries in the barbers. And I'm not even ashamed right now. He doesn't look like the Reuben I know. But its fine, his hair grows freakishly fast and I will learn from my mistakes. 

5. DO - visit your friend's work at a pig farm and cuddle a piglet.
Honestly, this was one of the major highlights of my Summer.
P.S. I didn't purposely match with the pig, I would like to point out that I wore it first.

6. DON'T - visit the Giant's Causeway in the rain.
I hate walking. I hate walking in the rain. I hate walking in the rain with a 2 stone exuberant and yappy child on my back.

7. DO - try on your friend's mum's wedding dress and do a photoshoot in the garden. 

8. DON'T - keep your almost 2 year old up past 1 am. They just don't cope.

9. DO - have lots of parties with fabulous friends and a fabulous photobooth. 

10. DO - have a leaving party in the stockroom at work with lots of sweets
P.S. I love and miss you girlies x

11. DO - watch fireworks with your favourite person in the world. 

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