My 3 Month Pregnancy


I feel like ‘My 3 Month Pregnancy’ is the type of tragic title you would read in a gossip magazine like ‘Closer’ or ‘Reveal’. But nope, its just another part of my story. Honestly, I used to think I should be a character in Hollyoaks. It’s been 2 years today since I found out I was going to be a mummy. 2 years since I found out I was pregnant – 6 months pregnant at that, and I’ve found myself reminiscing about it quite a lot recently.

I always love throwing that little bomb on people every so often. ‘Did you know, I didn’t know I was pregnant for 6 months!?’ It’s unbelievably embarrassing, but an unbelievably great conversation starter.

Let me first set the context.
1st September 2013 – the summer after I finished A levels. I had spent most of the previous 2 months working my butt off to prepare for my return to India in October.
12am - I was still awake with a raging pain in my stomach that I had never in my life felt before. After some googling, naturally I decided I was dying. I went to my mum’s room crying and asked for her to ring Dalriada (I really acted like such a baby. There’s so much irony in the fact I was unknowingly having an actual baby).

3am - there I was lying on the doctor’s examination table while she felt my stomach. She asked me if there was any chance I could be pregnant and of course I said no. Why would I say yes? My mum was sitting right there! And it had been about 6 months since anything baby-making related had happened! She asked me to do a urine sample so she could check for infection so off I went to the bathroom. Even as I peed I remember having this dooming feeling over me. I knew something wasn’t right.

I gave her the sample and approx. 2 minutes later the sassy doctor turned round and very bluntly/cheekily said to me ‘Well this says you’re pregnant’. And Doctor Sass, if you are reading this; I don’t care if you didn’t want to be working at 3am. I don’t care if you thought I was lying to my mum. I don’t care if you thought I was a wreckless teenage girl.. You can’t just blurt that out to patient IN FRONT OF HER MOTHER!!!!!

Sorry, I’ve needed to get that off my chest for 2 years.

So anyway, I followed my mum to the car with my tail between my legs and so began my 3 month pregnancy. I was devastated. I thought the world had ended. My mum nearly crashed the car when I told her I was probably about 6 months on. I have a weird 6th sense these days where I know when women are pregnant. I know women who are pregnant right now but they haven’t told me yet, I’m onto you girls. I think it’s my minds way of making up for the fact I didn’t know about myself for so long. Guys, I promise you I’m not an idiot. Okay I’m a little bit of an idiot. But I have good excuses as to why I didn’t know for so long!

First of all, I was overweight at that time. I’m talking 2/3 stone heavier. If I was 6 months pregnant now, you would notice (I definitely would notice). But back then my body was different. Number 2 reason – I didn’t get periods. Ever. Sorry to grosse anyone out, but I had been on a severe medication for my skin and it stopped my periods for over a year. Thirdly, I had been to the doctor. Around exam time I was feeling overly exhausted and sick. My doctor did blood tests and put it down to exam stress, and lack of exercise. (why do doctors always prescribe exercise?) I have to confess that pregnancy did cross my mind once. But HE DID BLOOD TESTS. So it never crossed my mind again. And lastly, we used to protection. I don’t need to say any more on that topic.

My head was spinning as I remembered all the things I had done whilst pregnant. The nights out. The wine. The jagerbombs. The A levels. The failed driving test where I nearly killed a pedestrian. The trip to Israel where I rode camels. The time I abseiled down the Europa hotel for goodness sake!!

My 3 month pregnancy was traumatic. There wasn’t a day where I didn’t cry. I had an overwhelming mixture of fear, shame, and excitement. Was I really going to be a teen mum?!

 1st September 7am – I finally got into bed and stayed under my duvet for approx 48 hours. I came out twice – first to check if it was all a dream, and second to go to the doctors to check if there was a heartbeat.

And there was a heartbeat. A very strong one. And you know how the rest of my incredibly blessed story goes, with it’s happy ending. The strong heartbeat became a strong boy. And we never looked back.

P.s. Closer/Reveal Magazine – if you are also reading this, I’ll gladly take the £20 if you publish my story. I have university to pay for.

Radio 1s Big Weekend - About 3 months along

Riding Camels in Israel - probably about 5 months on

Last day of school...probably about 2 months pregnant

Abseiling the Europa hotel at 4 months pregnant
Nearly 6 months.....a night out in Kellys

6 months  - We finally knew!!!

Nearly 9 months
7 months


  1. That is one crazy story.... and here I was too terrified to take a paracetamol, or drink tea with caffeine in it. What's for you and all that... xx

    1. hahaha the last 3 months I was like you. It just shows you maybe we freak out too much, although I really wouldn't recommend abseiling or drinking wine to be honest. Reuben was def meant to be! xx

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