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I've just realised how bad I've been at sharing Reuben's unbelievably on point Sunday outfits. All my good intentions - out the window. I promise it's not my fault, it's all Reuben's. The kid hates photos! How am I supposed to work with that?! I'm finding it very difficult, as a mother who documented every new tooth, every new smile, every time he went up a size in nappies. I've kept a record of everything, AND NOW HE HATES PHOTOS.

As you look at the super cute and squishy photos below; imagine me doing the strangest things behind the camera. Sometimes I'm singing the hokey cokey.....sometimes I'm dangling some bribery cheese above my head. Hey, whatever gets the blog worthy photos, I say. 

This was at the start of summer and I actually think his face has matured since then. Can my baby please stop growing!!!!! These rather dashing shorts and braces are from Next. His shirt is from Dunnes Stores and his Doodle shoes are from McConnells. We have since then lost one of his Doodles around Portstewart somewhere. I'm still not over it. Very touchy subject.

This isn't a great outfit photo but I am so in love with it, I just had to share. His shirt is from Next and it is usually paired with a very brave choice of salmony pink coloured shorts. And you know what? He absolutely pulls it off.

Oh. My. Gosh. 

Those eyes.

That outfit.

I'm in love. Hurricane Reuben may have completely wrecked the house in the background of this photo but boy does he know how to do the puppy dog eyes.The whole outfit is from Next - I promise I do shop in other places. I put this with navy shorts and he looks so dapper.

I love this Ramones t-shirt from H&M. I usually team it with his black skinny jeans. Apologies for the nudity. He really likes his belly. I'm not sure why. 

Okay so this is what I'm talking about. I had to chase him round the house for these photos - you better appreciate them. Jumper - Next

Shirt - H&M

Shorts - Primark

Converse - McConnells 
Also can we take a moment to appreciate his haircut in these.

Look at that little bashful face. His shirt is from Dunnes, his shorts are from Next, and his jelly sandles are also from Next.

This is my favourite of the whole summer. The shorts and braces are from H&M. The Converse are from McConnells and the shirt is from India. That's right - INDIA. My wonderful best friend Anna purchased it on her Gap Year adventures last year. 

Now my Gap Year baby has a Gap Year shirt. And it makes my heart so happy. 

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