Becoming a Page 27 Girl


Anyone who knows me will know that I haven't shut up all week. Well, actually, I never shut up but this week it's been about one thing and one thing only. MY BLOG WAS FEATURED IN THE BELFAST TELEGRAPH!! How exciting is that?! The Telegraph is pretty much the biggest newspaper in Northern Ireland with a readership of 155,000.... I'm not quite sure what that means but when we googled it in between lectures, I knew it was a very big number and a very big deal. I haven't been in the newspaper since I was a sheep in the Primary School nativity... but to be fair I was a violin-playing sheep so it's hard to beat those glory days.

I was loving life when I turned up to the Students Union on Monday morning with my cheesiest grin and squeaked "10 Telegraphs please". I proudly pointed to my little face on the front cover and not so subtly proclaimed "that's me you know, that's me on the front". I've been trying to act cool, but I'm not going to lie - I've been carrying that article around in my bag all week.

Last week Queen's University shared one of my instagram photos here with a link to my blog, and it exploded from there. The response was unbelievable. Like the - jumping with joy on the bed until your toddler falls off it - kind of unbelievable (sorry Reubs). The Tab student news site also contacted me and my blog views went from roughly 4,000 to the current 13,626 views. Now, I don't know much about blogging (actually, right now I'm blogging about my blogging. Is that even allowed?) but when I saw those views I nearly had the 'you're pregnant' level of heart attack all over again. I genuinely cannot believe it.

I could kiss every single person who has read, commented and spoke to me about my story. I'm about to get a lil soppy here. You have all encouraged me more than you will ever know and my heart is bursting with gratitude. It has been an amazing opportunity to meet new people, especially some fellow young mamas who are at their beginning of their crazy nightmare journey. I officially love you all. And Reuben officially thinks he's class. Thanks for that guys - my son's head is bigger than the Telegraph Readership. Child stardom has already went to his head. Last night he completely broke down with my mum because the trailor kept falling off his tractor. Toddler problems, am I right?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to frame the article to show Reuben when he's older. I can tell him how he adamantly ran away from the photographer several times and how one morning at breakfast a group beside us whispered "There's that wee boy from Queen's". And I hope he'll be as excited as I am. Yesterday a guy in my class was told about my blog and I proudly responded "Yeah.. You might have noticed me in the newspaper this week". If that isn't bucket list worthy then I don't know what is.

You can read The Tab article here
And the Belfast Telegraph article is here My favourite part is where they call me 'Blogger Rebecca Finlay'. That is just the cutest thing ever.

Here's some of the photos by Kevin Scott. I promise my hair was curled when I left the house. But a free run in Botanic Gardens is Reuben's dream - and my nightmare. So bare in mind I was doing a lot of exercise in between photos. And I hate exercise.

This one makes me laugh. He looks like he's in a musical.

"If you don't stand still you're never getting sweets again"
Head tilt on point

He always puts his hand on me and says MINE

You can't tell but I'm actually about to cry because Reuben
 is about to run again

He's at the Lisburn Road by now


  1. Well done missus! Blogging is a strange and fabulous journey, bringing all sorts of adventures. Enjoy every minute! Xx

    1. Aww thank you so much!! You know what, it is the craziest journey and I didn't expect it to be! But I'm absolutely loving it :) I just got caught up on your Little Loves, congrats on the new job!!! That's so exciting!! I'm sure you'll enjoy something new and getting out in the evenings. And retail at Christmas will give you a new kind of patience haha You go girl! xx