Happy Sunday!!


Breaking news - Reuben has finally approved of my outfit and I've made my official debut on Sunday Style. We're getting pretty good at this 'pose for a photo' thing, I'm expecting a call from Belfast Fashion Week one of these days. The secret is to distract Reubs with animal noises and snap while he's mooing and quacking. These photos are actually from last Sunday - today we weren't quite as classy and fabulous. That extra hour meant an extra hour of 'Morning Reuben' i.e. Monster Reuben. So after church we napped aaaaalll day in our onesies with the electric blanket, and woke up extremely dazed... with excessive dribble down our faces.

This blog post should really have been called 'cute photo spam'. However, I make no apologies.

Reuben's jumper and shirt are gorgeous hand-me-downs and I'm told he is the 3rd boy to wear them - So I don't know where they are from but they must be magic. 
His jeans and boots are from Next of course. Old habits die hard.

My top/dress (depending how tall you are) is from Peacocks, a shop which I highly underrated. 
My jeans are from Topshop and my boots are from New Look. 

The really cool and picturesque background is Liberty Church in Castledawson. 

Photographer/best friend/full time Reuben supporter - annarowan95 

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