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You will have to forgive me. For the last 2 weeks every time I've tried to blog I've either fallen asleep on my laptop or I’ve had to put Reuben back to bed 462937856 times and fallen asleep on his bedroom floor. My life is a vicious circle of sleep deprivation and dribbling on stuff I can’t afford to dribble on.

I also just had to evacuate the McClay Library for a fire drill. I'm obviously not meant to be blogging. Or at least I'm not meant to be blogging in Uni anyway. In my defence, before this I was googling ‘how to use a semi-colon correctly’… so blogging is definitely better use of my time.  

Recently a lot of people have been asking me how on earth I fit everything in. And my special secret recipe is... I don't. If I fit everything in then something suffers, and I don't want that something to be Reuben. Right now there's mince on my living room floor from two nights ago - I can live with that. But it's been a busy few weeks and my constant concern is that Reuben will become another thing to tick off my to-do list. I'm very aware of the need to set aside quality time to spend with him.

I've been going to a parenting course at Liberty and something that has stuck with me is my answer to the question 'What is your favourite fun thing to do with Reuben?' My favourite times with Reuben are the unexpected fun moments in the normal times. I’ve realised you can't organise fun for a toddler. You could organise a whole day of activities and it could be a nightmare. Actually, in Reuben’s case it WOULD be a nightmare. I love the moments where I chase a naked Reubs around the house in the morning trying to dress him. I love the walk home from Uni where he points to every car and says WHATS THAT?!... In his worsening Belfast accent. This is interesting at rush hour. By the time we get home I’m screaming IT’S A CAR OKAY REUBEN!!! But to be fair I live on the Donegal Road so me shouting in the street isn’t the strangest thing that’s happened.

Here’s some of my favourite unexpected fun moments recently; 

- Reuben became a very hands on chef. 
N.B. No toddlers were harmed in the making of this meal. If I'm honest no meals were made in the making of this meal because I don't actually cook. 

- When I planned a cute pumpkin carving activity and he freaked out, climbed onto the window sill, and left me to carve alone. See what I mean? Planned activities - nope, not a chance. 

- The night he said 'love you' for the first time after devouring 3 kit-kats. 

- One Friday night I caught him gorging on my McFlurry and those nights henceforth have became known as Fat Friday.

- The week he wore that hat everywhere, bed and bath included. And that one time we made it to the park after class. 

- The morning he climbed into the shower with me fully clothed and then ran a bath for himself. 

- When I tried to make buns and forgot about the chocolate I left melting on the cooker. I came out of the toilet to find the kitchen covered in smoke and poor Reuben standing coughing. Ironically, I had ripped the the fire alarm out of the roof the day before because the beeping was annoying me. But don't worry, we stood outside for a little while and all was fine. Again, no one was harmed in my attempt to cook. Interestingly, later on I was reading the book of Daniel where the 3 men are thrown into the fire and they make it out absolutely fine. God was telling me that in life he doesn't promise to save us from the flames but he promises to be with us as we walk through the fire. I wont make a habit of setting my house on fire but at least I learnt something in the process. 

Here's the second attempt at making buns. The sprinkles are still ingrained in the carpet. From reading this blog you're probably thinking 'this girl has a lot of food on her carpet' - you're thinking is right. 

- The day I realised Reuben actually is my son when I returned from getting a drink to find him eating both of our desserts. 

- When I chased him around outside for 25 mins to get a photo for Sunday Style and ended up having to hold 2 lollies and a pack of maltesers behind the camera. Then he shouted abuse at me across the garden for bribing him. 

- The day we dressed up as Elsa and Olaf and all my princess dreams came true. This was one of those times I had 'Teen Mom' written all over me. I regret nothing. 


- We booked a front row ticket for Disney on Ice the night before the show and Reuben absolutely loved it. It did my heart good to see him clapping and dancing along. Sure, he tried to run onto the ice a few times but what's a little tantrum embarrassment in front of 10,000 people?

We both have coldsores in the exact same place because I kissed him.
I'm still not sure if this is extremely cute or extremely disgusting.

- Tonight when I tried to take a super cute pre-bath photo of Reuben with his Granda and Reubs shouts at me NO REBECCA!! Can you believe the cheek? This kid acts like he's 21. I'm not even 21 yet! It is definitely MAMA to him until further notice. 

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