Kodaks By Kalie


Recently you may have noticed me spamming y'all with some new photos of Reubs and myself on various social media platforms. And you may have noticed that they are most definitely not taken with my iphone and experimented with on the VSCO app. On St. Patricks day we set off to Helen's Bay and my extremely talented friend Kalie spent the morning taking photos/chasing Reuben around the beach. You should definitely check out her photography page here. This gal is an absolute gem and she does wonderful work.

Usually when photos like this are taken, the pictures themselves turn out great and they make life look absolutely wonderful and it's as if every moment is a laugh a minute and everyone looks at them and thinks 'Oh isn't that beautiful, I think I'll have a baby right now'... But the truth is, you look back at those photos yourself and you remember that horrible day you whispered in your toddler's ear telling them they'd get some chocolate buttons if they smile and pretend to look like they love you. And they'd be promoted to giant chocolate buttons if they made the family photos look Pinterest worthy. Then you run around trying to have fun and acting natural whilst stopping your freshly curled hair from sticking to your lipstick and failing miserably because on an actual natural day you'd be wearing trackies and a top bun with enough grease to fry fish fingers (I always oven cook my fish fingers but the alliteration just sounded good).

BUT before I went off on that rant I said they usually go like this, because this time it was very different. First of all, it really helped that we knew the photographer. Being my usual dweeby and self conscious self, on other occasions I've been very aware of this stranger observing us playing together and trying to take good photos when I am giving very awkward vibes. I actually loved every minute of that beautiful morning at the glorious Helen's Bay. Kalie is lovely with kids and we also brought our friend Kayla who is basically Reuben's aunt, so it was like a big family day out to the beach. Both Kalie and Kayla (the bag carrier) joined in on the fun and we had a fabulous time laughing at Reuben throwing himself into the seaweed and laughing at me trying to keep up with him whilst he dribbled a ball around my ankles.

I am so overjoyed at how the photos turned out and I can't stop looking at them. I can't choose my favourites so I'm going to post quite a few of them and if you are in my house in the near future you can expect to see every wall in my house plastered with them. I hope you like them as much as I do. Actually, I know you will. Prepare to fall in love with my son. If his eyes don't make you swoon, then nothing will. I believe I somehow gave birth to a child-model. He can work the smoulder.

Maybe I'm clutching at straws here but I think we have a similiar run

I'm pretty sure we were talking about shells here. It looks like we really love shells

He wouldn't sit beside me. Story of my life.

The only time in our lives I've actually been ahead of him

He. Is. Delicious. 

I actually jumped off that ledge with him in my arms. That's as sporty as it gets.


His signature "SHE'S MINE" pose 

The smoulder.

The chins are very real.

That lil booty <3

I know what this look means. "Juice please?"

That sass.

This is one of those photos where I know he's definitely mine 

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