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Do you ever sit and procrastinate from work by looking through your photos? In those desperate times when you've done the rounds of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, emails, BBC news, and replied to your mum's texts from the last week... that's when you turn to scrolling through your photo albums. I'm not sure whether it's the crushing guilt of not doing my work or the fact that Reuben just makes me an emotional mess - but I always end up completely cooing/crying over all of his photos. And all of his outfits. Here's a few of the recent Sunday Styles that particularly made my uterus glow in the library.

I thought his outfit was very apt this week for St. Patrick's Day. The look was complete with that stupid ugly bag which is now part of the family. I'd honestly burn it if it wasn't so essential for carrying 527 dinosaurs, 6 cars, a fire engine, 2 of my books, a stolen biscuit from the church coffee table, and a football. I thought his attachment to the bag was cute at first, but when it's 3am and he's crying for it in his sleep, or when I'm in the shower and he jumps in with the bag... that's where I draw the line.
His grey jeans are from Zara, his top and shirt were both given to me but I think they're from Next. I also got his little boots in Next and I am making him wear them every single day before they are soon too small to wear. My mama made his hat. Well, actually that is the third one she has made as I lost the other two in Ballymena and Belfast.

That little bashful face is everything. It's taking all my strength not to go waken him and eat those squishy cheeks. Sunday Style never looked so sweet. And Reubs' nappy never looked so big. (Note to self - less tea in church). His top if from Zara and his shirt is from Primark. 

This is basically Reuben's life in a photo - Motorbike in one hand, cup of juice in the other. And screaming because we shouted LORRY at him.
His shirt and body warmer are both from Next. All of these photos were taken outside our church Liberty, and unfortunately the 3 seconds used to take these photos are the only 3 seconds he stands still on a Sunday morning.

I'm not sure if these next photos count as Sunday Style as they were technically taken on a Thursday. But Reubs' outfit is a typical Sunday outfit and to be quite honest I just like the photos my friend Gareth took. 

Unfortunately Reuben didn't actually come to the formal. When I was leaving I wanted to take him with me. But once I got there and realised there was free pic n mix, an uninterrupted 3 course meal, and I could dance all night... well lets just say I was happy enough to leave him at home watching 101 Dalmatians with Kayla. However, I do partly wish he could have went purely because our outfits match. 

Hopefully it won't be as long before I update Sunday Style again! 

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