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So, most of you already know about the series of guest articles that I've been writing/attempting for Closer Magazine online for the last month, probably because you either follow me on Social Media and have endured my pollution, or because you saw me scream/jump up and down/get asked to leave the library the day I got the email. OR (this is my favourite 'or') because you've seen me since then and asked me about it, and I've very casually and humbly said 'Yeah I write a column for them now'. But really inside my head I'm screaming and dancing and singing 'Take a Look at me Now' by Phil Collins (Westlife version), because it is the most exciting thing to ever happen me... Apart from becoming a Christian. And having Reuben. And going to uni. And Okay... it's up there with the most exciting things to ever happen me.

So far I've written one every week and I had intended on updating the blog regularly but... (trying to think of an excuse) that just didn't happen. So here are the links for the last four articles; it was a little strange writing something more official instead of my usual word-vomity blogposts, but I hope you enjoy a little something new. I will possibly/hopefully be writing more over Summer, but in the next month I need to work on finishing assignments, passing exams, and maybe having a shower. ENJOY!

Confessions of a Teen Mum 

By way of introduction, in this article I opened up about what it was really like to be a 'teen mum'... a term that USED to make me want to vomit in my mouth.

How to Survive a Rainy Day with a Toddler

As I write this I am currently hibernating under a blanket on the sofa because I got drenched 391741 times today and Reubs had me playing Tag with his turkey dinosaurs for an hour and a half because he didn't get outside to burn off any of his energy. Eventually I gave up and ate the stupid dinosaurs. 
This article is actually very appropriate - how to survive a rainy day with a toddler (Or a rainy life if you live in Ireland). That's me - surviving and hibernating.

Travelling With a Toddler

A couple of weekends ago we got kicked out of Funky Monkeys because I was distracted by work (drowning in it) and didn't notice Reuben harassing other kids. (Expect a blog about this. Not my proudest parenting moment).
I don't know about other mamas but I think I'm constantly ready for a break at the minute. 
Later that evening I wrote this article and it got me reminiscing/gave me some serious wanderlust, and I'm pretty sure I spent more time googling flights than I did actually writing it. Is it Summer yet? 

The 4 people you ALWAYS meet when your toddler has a public tantrum

"Toddlers are loud, messy, unpredictable, and prone to flying into a rage because you won’t let them eat a grape that they found on the floor. However, in the eyes of some of the general public, toddlers are supposed to act civilised, be silent/wear a gag, pay a mortgage, and speak 3 languages". Thankfully, not everyone has the same reaction!

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