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As most of you probably know from my extensive, overly-excited social media updates, THURSDAY WAS THE AWARDS NIGHT!! EEK! I spent approximately 8 hours getting ready - 9 if you count the hour-long leg shaving extravaganza with Reuben the evening before, and I sauntered off to Dublin in my princess dress. It was the most surreal and bizarre, yet wonderfully-special night I have ever experienced. And to be perfectly honest I don't really have the words to describe it. But how could I go to a Blog Awards party and not blog about it?! (Very easily actually... considering I had a super-late night and super-early morning with a super-hyper toddler)

Shouting at Sara for making me pose

The event was held at the Circus... I know, right?! I told you it was bizarre. The week before the awards I actually tweeted the organisers asking what the dress-code was and added at the end, 'if it's circus themed then I'm out'. The next day I got an email with all the important details and the theme was, you've guessed it, 'a night at the circus'.

Now, I find it strenuous enough to look respectable in the morning as it is, so costumes and dress-ups are a solid no from me, thank you very much. But after a pep-talk from Sophie, I decided to suck it up, buy a ticket, and choose the sparkliest dress I could find (but obviously not toooo sparkly/tacky- it's an awards party after all, not a pre-Jesus Saturday night in Kellys with me).

 After Gareth and Reubs went off on their merry way to play football and have a chicken nugget dinner-date, with Reuben not even looking back (I'm honestly not offended, honestly), we rushed down to Dublin - running late as always. Sophie, who is potentially the worst driver I know, was the designated driver. Anna shaved her legs in the front seat. And I had my Reubenless late-afternoon comedown, and half snoozed in the back seat.

We somehow made it in record time (Soph you are a gem) and we finished getting dressed in the carpark. When we got to the entrance I tried not to pee my pants as I told them we'd be under 'Maverick Mum'... another 'EEK' moment. And we walked into the courtyard, or as I like to call it - MY DREAM COME TRUE, there was free food, champagne, gin, candy floss, popcorn... I would list them all but there was butter chicken and that's all that matters.

Zipping up dress in carpark...
Best part of the night.

As we walked inside to our seat, I was transported back to feeling like a 1st year who was delivering a message to a classroom full of Upper 6th pupils. The room was full of fabulously-dressed, super-trendy-bloggers. As I did a little intimidated scurry to my seat, I realised how crazy it was that I was even there! I was at the blog awards! Me! Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how flipping cool that is?!

I've always struggled to define this blog of mine. And I've never felt that it fits neatly into a category or a group, much how I feel about myself. It's definitely not a parenting blog because... well... I don't think I need to explain that one. I mean, I most certainly don't try to offer advice or anything helpful in general, and the phrase 'winging it' comes to mind. It's also not a lifestyle blog because every part of my life involves Reuben/being a parent in some way. I just don't know how these things happen to me (well, I kind of do. Only God) but I never ever want to forget this exciting experience.

We chatted all night long, making note of new blogs, fan-girling the ones I follow, and unashamedly taking photos of every single moment. I may have struggled to understand the southern accent most of the night, I may have cringed for my life at the circus acts, and I may not have won - but I had the ultimate girls night out with Indian food and champagne and goodie bags and roadtripping laughs and carefree/Reuben-free FUN.

Here's a few more photos and much love to...
Kayla - for fixing my face
Deyna and Sara - for dressing me and photographing me
Gareth - for babysitting Reuben in the midst of toilet training
My mum - for dealing with my many bra problems
Pamela - for sacrificing coffee time and steam ironing my dress at church and teaching me how to sit in it like a lady
Kayla - for the jewellery and make up I stole from her bag whilst she was at work
Sophie - for convicing me to go to the party and joining me and giving me the joy of watching her attempt to drive to Dublin
Reuben - for shaving my legs
Anna - for shaving her legs in the car and making mine look better.

I leave my house for one night...

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